Counselling & Psychotherapy Testimonials

‘I have been on an amazing journey over the past year.  Juliette has helped me understand through our sessions, in a safe environment, what damage is caused to us growing up as vulnerable children.  Through understanding trauma I have healed in my body & mind’.  Anita, 54, Watford

'​In a few short weeks Juliette has been able to understand me, allowed me to look into my numerous issues and helped me in the process of unravelling these.  Juliette’s skillful approach is gentle but focused with useful practical help, where appropriate.  She truly listens and hears me’.  Fiona, 35, Northwood

'​Juliette is one person with whom I feel completely safe to be able to explore my deep truths with and I am truly blessed to have such an intelligent, well read counsellor who has surpassed all my expectations and helped me progress rapidly in many areas towards healing and wellness’. Sarah, 32, Chorleywood 

‘Thank you for giving me an opportunity to grow with clarity and make changes within so I can manage my world’. Janet, 41, Bushey


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